Another new update is out for Gran Turismo Sport, featuring 12 new cars a new track, new track layouts, and a lot more that I haven't taken shop of yet, but you'll get to see it with me. Next up, a car everyone's been asking to drive, and thanks to Yamauchi-san, it's been made possible: the Subaru WRX STI Isle of Man Time Attack Car. Yes, this is the same car, built by Prodrive, that Mark Higgins (he's not human) blasted through Isle of Man posting a new world record that has yet to be beaten by another car/driver. This is also the same car albeit a few extra tweaks (diffuser and power) that Subaru took to the Nürburgring and posted the fastest ever time set in a 4-door saloon (the Jaguar XE SV Project 8 holds the Production Saloon record).

Acceleration: ***
Top Speed: ****
Braking: *
Cornering: *
Stability: ***

Handling: There's no denying that this specially-tuned Isle Of Man Subaru is possibly one of the fastest Subarus in the game, and I'll have to test the Gr. 3 Racing model to confirm this. Even with all-wheel drive which spell understeer for a car like this, this TT car remains relatively planted in the corners. The thing is though when you first buy the car, the torque split 40:60, not 50:50 or 60:40, meaning most of the power is going towards the rear wheels, which to be fair is genius enough. All-Wheel Drive cars with extra Rear-Wheel power benefit well in circuits and eliminates most of the understeer generated from similar AWD cars. It also explains why there's a lot more oversteer in this car than normal.

Conclusion: Wicked fast and grippy 4-door 190+ MPH Subaru which can lap around the Nürburgring in under 7 minutes.

Transmission: Automatic

Traction Control: 3

ABS: 3

Stability Control: Off

ASM: Off

Tires: Racing Hard

Timed Records:
Willow Springs International Raceway - Big Willow

1. Subaru WRX STI Isle Of Man Time Attack Car: 1:14.062
2. Alpine A110 Première Édition: 1:31.164
3. Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition: 1:31.207
4. Honda Civic Type-R (FK2): 1:31.909
5. Renault Mégane R.S. Trophy: 1:33.436

Note: all gameplay and editing were done by me, however, I do not own the rights to Polyphony Digital, Gran Turismo, Subaru, Isamu Ohira, Epidemic Sound or Monstercat. Enjoy!

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com

Intro Made By Me
Title: From The East To The West by Isamu Ohira from Gran Turismo 4 Soundtrack

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